Chat Room Rules And Regulations
*    Keep Chat Room Chat Clean ( No Cussing What So Ever ). This Is A Family Setting.
      We Have Listeners With Young Kids Reading Chat Room.
Keep It Clean.

*     No Inappropriate (e.g. Vulgar, Offensive Etc..) User Names

*     If you are under 18 Please Get A Parent’s Or Guardian’s Permission Before Entering Net Family Radio 
      Chat Room.

*     Respect Others As You Want To Be Respected. ( Disrespect Will Only Get You Removed ).
      If You Can't Get Along With Someone (
Ignore Them ).
Do Not Fight In Chat Room. Staff Will Handle The Issue.
DO NOT Annoy Anyone In The Chat Room Or In Private Message.
      This Keeps You In Good Standing With Net Family Radio Chat Room And Well Respected.

*     This Is Not A Hook Up Site.
Do Not Come In Chat Looking For A  Hook Up With Someone.
      Everyone Here Wants To Chat And Make Friends Listen To Music.  
      By Management. There Is Married And Single Members And Staff Here.
      There Will Not Be Any ( Home Wreckers, Hound Dogs Or Kitty Cats ) Looking For Mates Be Allowed To  
      Remain In Chat Room.  You Want A Hook Up. Please Go To A Hook Up Site.  
This Is A Radio Station, Where People Come To Listen To Music, Request Songs And Chat with Others.

*     Anyone Who Make A Name  To Clone Someone Else In
Not Permitted.  You Can Only Make 1 Id.
      Per E- Mail Address. If You Clone A ID.  System Will Detect Your Info And Register It As Your
      Regular Id Account. Management Will Know Who It Is.

No FLOODING Of TEXT Or EMOTIONS As This Can Cause Issues For Other Users Or Even The 
      DJ, If Anyone Is Over Using The Emotions (Smiles) Then They May Be Muted Or Kicked  From The 
      Room By The Moderator For The Sake Of Others.

*     Request - Please
Request 1 Song At A Time. Please Wait Till Your Song Is Played Before Requesting  
      Again. This Lets Others Send In Requests And All Listeners Can Hear There Song In A Timely Manor.

*     Any One
Abuse, Attack Staff Or NetFamilyRadio Station In Part Or Whole Will Be Muted For 24 hrs    
      And Or Kicked Out And Or Be Banned.

*     Any One Who
Make Threats To Any Listener And Or Staff Will Be Banned No Exceptions.

*     No One At Any Time To Spam A Link With Out Management Approval.
Sponsors Will Be Permitted To Spam Links To There Site / Tour Links / Sign Up Links, Etc....

DO NOT Use Capital Letters In The Chat Room, This Is equivalent To Shouting. If You Have Eye Vision 
      Impairment Contact Moderator And Or Manager To Advise Staff Of Your Eyes Impairment.
                                            ( Exceptions Will Be Allowed ).

*    DO NOT Stalk People In Chat Room. Not Only Is This Offensive But Its Also Quite Intimidating For The 
      Person Begin Stalked
Will Not Be Tolerated.

*     You May
Not Submit Any Defamatory Or Illegal Material Of Any Nature. This includes text, graphics,
       Programs Or Audio.

*     Be Patient And Welcoming When New People Enter The Chat Room. Please Bare In Mind They Are New 
       And Won’t Be Aware Of Current Conversations. I’m Sure They Will Appreciate A Welcome Note And To 
       Made To Feel Part Of The Net Family Radio Chat Room.

*     We Advise That You
Never Reveal Any Personal Information About Yourself Or Anyone Else.
      ( For Example: Telephone Number, Home Address Or Email Address ), And Please Do Not Include Postal  
      Addresses Of Any Kind. You May Seek Advice From The Moderator Or Management

            Rules Are Subject To Change With Out Notice. Due To Any Issues Not Covered Above.

                                     Thank You From Owners Of  ( N.F.R ) Net Family Radio.
                                            CrownRoyalQueen - RockinRonnie - Shazaaaaaam